Smart Transportation
Compact Telematic-Gateways and Microtrackers

Solutions for Smart Transportation

Smart Fleet management

Atlantik Elektronik offers multi-interface mobile telematics gateways and small IP 68 telematic micro trackers for fleet management. Based on global cellular and multichannel GNSS, these telematics solutions enable centralized management and tracking of vehicles and assets deployed worldwide. The solutions offer sensor interfaces, I/O and 1-Wire, as well as CAN, BLE, and Wi-Fi optimized for diagnostics. In addition, these products can be programmed with timers, event triggers, counters, and geofences.

Telematics gateways and micro trackers enable easy installation and long-term, reliable use for edge computing and data collection in a wide range of applications through multiple interfaces, a compact, rugged package, and low-power application modes.


Data collection and transmission through telematics gateways and mictotrackers can be implemented worldwide through GPS/multichannelGNSS and global cellular service, enabling practical remote monitoring, management, and analysis of vehicles and assets.

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Recommended Products

Specially designed for Smart Transportation

Lantronix FOX3 Telematic-Gateway


Lantronix provides a versatile telematics gateway that connects the featured scenarios, connectivity, advanced support, and a device management platform, ConsoleFlow™; for device performance, location, and real-time notifications of critical events

  • I/F: USB, Serial, ModBus, CAN; BLE, Wi-FI; I/Os, I2C, 1-Wire
  • Internal & external antenna
  • Alerts & reports
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Eco Drive data (e.g. fuel consumption, C02 emission, driving behavior etc.) 
  • Power management
  • Configurable & Programmable
  • Cloud Connectivity

Lantronix Bolero Series


Available in 2G and LTE-M1, the BOLERO40 Series consists of rugged IP 67 IP micro-trackers especially designed to match the vehicle tracking market's particular environmental, mechanical, and electrical requirements.

  • Automotive grade, IP67 Casing
  • Concurrent GPS & GLONASS
  • Dual SIM
  • 10.8V ~ 48V power section
  • Ignition Sensing and Tow Alert    
  • New Model: BOLERO43 (LTE-M1)

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