Together with the Quectel modules for 5G and LTE, your application becomes available worldwide in seconds thanks to the _atxx Shield HAT.

Overview Raspberry PI 5G Shield HAT

Various usability of the Raspberry Pi 5G Shield HAT

The _atxx 5G Shield HAT, together with the Raspberry Pi, is a technical innovation platform to turn 5G ideas and expectations into products. With our network of world-leading manufacturers and technology partners, we can successfully develop, manufacture and market your ideas together. Join our network!

Raspberry Pi 5G Shield HAT from ATXX

Application examples for the Raspberry Pi 5G Shield Hat
  • Update via satellite signal (OTA) of vehicles and products
  • Testing of 5G campus networks
  • Low latency remote control in 5G areas
  • Security and remote control
  • Robotics
  • Tracking and monitoring of condition worldwide
  • Monitoring of parking areas and critical infrastructure
  • Device-to-device communication in 5G

5G Raspberry PI Shield HAT for LTE and 5G

Together with Quectel's 5G and LTE modules, your application is available worldwide within seconds!

With the Raspberry Pi, you also have a versatile Linux platform for testing and developing programs and applications. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also at your disposal. Atlantik Networxx has developed the 5G Raspberry Pi Shield HAT to ensure a fast implementation of your ideas with 5G. Time to market at its best.



  • ATXX-DY-3011002
  • Optional Quectel module RM500Q, EM06 or EM05 (not included, please ask if interested)
  • PSU Raspberry and module
  • Micro SD card
  • Pinholder
  • Option Raspberry 3B+, 4B 4GB or 4B 8GB
  • USB cable
  • Antennas suitable for the other options (not included, please ask if interested)


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Our 5G Portfolio

5G Products Overview

5G Modules
Our high-performance or low power modules for 5G eMBB or mMTC (LPWAN) cellular connectivity are available in M.2 or LGA form factor.
They are based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon X55 5G modem-RF system for mmWave & sub-6GHz, or LPWAN chipsets like the new MDM9205 for NB-IoT only, CAT-M1 only, NB-IoT + CAT-M1 combo, and NB-IoT + CAT-M1 + 2G fallback combo solutions. The integrated GNSS receiver supports GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS.
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5G Single Board Computer
We provice a set of single board computer that either directly include cellular connectivity (for LPWAN) or provide a M.2 interface to be combined with our 5G eMBB modules.
The range from high performance, like the Qualcomm RB5 robotics platform, to low power SBCs that we can easily customize for all kind of tracking devices. Designed for industrial conditions – high temperature range, long lifetime and industrial communication protocols.
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5G Development Kits for EMBB
Atlantik provides a huge set of development boards to accelerate 5G development for various use cases.
They are available for both sub-6Ghz and mmWave 5G connectivity with different antenna options and interfaces to host processors over GbE, USB, PCIe or M.2. Application specific development boards include 5G-to-Wi-Fi6 (using QCA6391 2x2 ax SoC) and access point / router  (using IPQ8074A Quad-Core as host with 10GbE interface) variants. 
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5G Development Kits for MMTC (LPWAN)
Our LPWAN development boards provide Cat M1/Cat NB2, E-GPRS connectivity with GNSS function.
Integrated ARM Cortex A7 application processor & MCUs (QCA4020 Wi-Fi & BT & MCU) can be used to run custom applications. Available interfaces include: RS232, USB 2.0 Expansion Connectors, (SPI, Uart, I2S, PWM), 3.7V Battery Connector and they also include a 2.9 Inch E-Papers and on board sensors: 6-Axis: Acc & Gyro, Ambient & Proximity, Temperature & Humidity, Pressure
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5G Embedded Processing Solutions
Atlantik Elektronik provides a huge set of processors, system on chips, system on modules and single board computers ranging from ARM Cortex M0 MCUs up to Octa-Core ARM Cortex-A76 or Intel X86 based processors that can be used as a host in 5G applications.
This includes latest Snapdragon technology for AI and edge computing as well as router & access point CPUs/ SoMs with complete CPE/ router software SDK, development and debugging tools.
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5G Reference Designs
Our 5G reference designs helps our customers reduce development costs and significantly shorten time to market. They can be modified according to specific needs and use cases.
Examples are a design for 5G to Wi-Fi 6 Mobile Hotspots, 5G customer premise equipment and a new product style - A 5G CPE integrated smart speaker that can be linked with other mesh speakers. A LPWAN example is Low Power AI Solution with always on computer vision sensor.
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5G Products by ATXX
Our 5G finished products are ready to test, use and deploy.
They range from Snapdragon based 5G/ Wi-Fi 6 Edge Computer running Linux and Android for AI and video applications, an AI kit enabling the most powerful on-device AI vision for edge devices or Cellular modems and telematic gateways for tracking and communication. For these devices we provide tools for SW development, an algorithm SDK, development guides and demo code.
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5G Cellular Router and edge computer
Our 5G adapters provide industry-leading Wireless WAN connectivity Designed for branches that require the flexibility of wireless and the performance of 5G, a new era of wide-area networking.
They use 4G up to CAT 20 fallback, Wi-Fi 6 and 2.5GbE LAN connectivity, as well as the ports, interfaces, and software to make it optimized for 5G. We also provide the right antenna and SW/ remote management tools for our 5G router portfolio.
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5G Antennas
Our 5G antennas service include consulting & evaluation (feasibility study, risk identification, proof of concept, antenna component selection), antenna design (antenna placement, antenna layout, RF specification, antenna system design & optimization) and testing & certification (antenna OTA testing, interference mitigation, radio approval, pre-certification).
We offer the right 5G antennas for your application, whether standard, customized or fully customized.
5G Bundling Components
We provide the right components for your 5G design.
Displays with touch panels, custom cover glass and mechanical design. RGB Cameras and Time of Flight. Embedded memories on IC and module level Sensors like temperature sensors, gas sensors (CO, CO2, Nox,..), magnetic sensors, infrared sensors.
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Design and Development Shop

Samples, Development Kits and more

Our online shop mainly offers a selection of development kits and sample parts. If you are interested in a specific component, please contact us directly or use the quick enquiry form. 

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