Solutions for heat pumps and refrigeration systems
Innovative sensors and microcontrollers
In the course of the planned phased reduction to the final ban on the use of so-called F-gases in heat pumps and refrigeration/air conditioning systems in 2030, important changes are expected to be implemented as early as 2024.

Solutions for heat pumps and refrigeration systems

Adaptation to the new regulations of the F-Gas Regulation

From 2025 on, the production of new stationary refrigeration systems with fluorinated refrigerants will no longer be permitted, and in the subsequent years, further restrictions and bans will gradually be introduced, such as the ban on plug-in room air conditioners, self-contained air conditioners, monobloc air conditioners and heat pump units with F-gases.

Both the modification of existing equipment as well as the development and use of new heat pumps and refrigeration systems require new sensor technology specialized for the use of other refrigerants for accurate measurements and especially for the detection of leakage.

With a comprehensive portfolio of sensors, microcontrollers and other necessary components, as well as many years of expertise in the field of sensor technology for heat pumps and refrigeration and air conditioning systems, Atlantik Elektronik is an experienced partner at your side to help you adapt to the innovations of the F-Gas regulation. 


  • Heat pumps
  • Air conditioners
  • Ventilation systems
  • Handheld measuring devices
  • Indoor air quality/CO₂ monitoring.
  • IoT Smart Home Devices
  • Home CO₂ Monitoring
  • Home Central Control Units


If your systems are directly affected by the changes, we will support you in revising your equipment and systems or work with you to develop new, innovative concepts in the area of cooling and heating solutions. In addition to components and modules, we offer various integration options that can be combined into a complete solution using our comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

Combination of innovative components


In addition to the environmental goal of significantly reducing fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the regulation also imposes stricter safety requirements for the operation of heat pumps and refrigeration systems. The continued use of existing systems is explicitly permitted in the new F-Gases Regulation, but is subject to compatibility with other refrigerants in addition to general requirements such as mandatory leak tests.


There are many options for putting together a solution for refrigeration/air conditioning systems and heat pumps:

You can also find more information in our flyer.

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Recommended components

Specially developed for heat pumps and refrigeration systems

The following products are recommended by our team of specialists in heat pumps & refrigeration systems.

Sensor module R32 Sunlight

Energy efficient NDIR-CO2/R32 sensor modules
  • Senseair Sunlight is a Non-Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) type gas sensor using AKM infrared LEDs and infrared sensors. Based on the AKM NDIR chipset with LED, analog front-end and photodiode, Senseair Sunlight, a new series of modules from Senseair has been developed for the detection of C02 and R32 (CH2F2) gases, for which calibration to other gases is also possible. 
  • With an accuracy of up to ±(50 ppm + 3% of reading), the sensor has an average power consumption of only 45 μA. 
  • The low-power and battery-operated Sunlight R32 and Sunlight C02 sensor modules are suitable for use in both fixed installations and portable air gas monitors due to their ABC auto-calibration function and low maintenance, as well as their long service life.
  • The required IEC 60079-29-1 standard and the industry standards for the sensing element part, IEC60335-2-40 and UL 60335-2-40, are met.


Reliable IoT microcontrollers from the NuMicro® family
  • The NuMicro® M2351 series is a product portfolio of secure IoT microcontrollers from the NuMicro® family based on an Arm® Cortex®-M23 CPU core with TrustZone for Armv8-M. 
  • With important security features and low power consumption, the M2351 series is suitable for small, low-power IoT products. 
  • The M2351SFSIAAP microcontroller consists of a multi-chip package (MCP) with the M2351 series and Winbond's W77F Secure Flash. 
  • The NuMicro® M261/M262/M263 series is another option for IoT devices using platforms based on the Arm® Cortex®-M23 CPU core without the TrustZone feature.


Components for gas concentration measurement using the NDIR method.
  • AKM's NDIR Chipset AK9700+ AK9710+ AK9723 contains components for the measurement of gas concentrations using the NDIR method.
  • The infrared LED with 3.6 µm or 4.3 µm wavelength, the infrared sensor and the AFE IC with built-in infrared LED driver are suitable for gas sensors of the NDIR (Non-Dispersive InfraRed) type. These components contribute to safer and more energy-efficient use of gas sensors.
  • AKM's infrared sensor uses epitaxial growth technology for semiconductor thin films, which was developed through the production of magnetic sensors. This enables wavelength sensitivity control for the optimal gas absorption wavelength band, as well as fast response and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). 
  • Compact resin housing allows downsizing of gas sensors.

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