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Smart Factories
Technologies and systems for the automation of manufacturing processes
Innovative smart applications for factories can completely improve processes, productivity, and cost-efficiency of factories by implementing automation in manufacturing. With our products, bundles, and solutions for a variety of smart applications in factories, Atlantik Elektronik is the perfect partner to realize the best possible solutions for smart factories.


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A smart factory involves the implementation of technologies and systems to automate manufacturing processes to increase productivity while reducing costs. 

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The degree of automation can range from automating individual processes to complete end-to-end automation requiring no human involvement. Automation can be implemented at any point in the manufacturing process, starting with material quality control, through production and assembly, to packaging and shipping.


With our innovative products, bundles, and solutions for a variety of smart applications in factories, Atlantik Elektronik is the perfect partner to enter or expand this dedicated vertical market. As a partner of leading global technology companies, Atlantik Elektronik offers the design and integration of perfectly adapted, innovative products to realize the best possible solutions for smart factories.

Our experienced Atlantik Elektronik Team helps to create powerful and stylish devices and experiences by utilizing our comprehensive portfolio of high-performing and innovative products, our experience and expertise, as well as our comprehensive offering of logistics and support services.

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With our expertise and experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of the specific requirements for software and hardware used for smart factory applications and can provide you with custom solutions from the chip level to the off-the-shelf box level for image recognition, wireless and wired connectivity (for e.g. with 5G and POE++ functionality), power supply and cable assembly. All Atlantik Elektronik solutions are specifically designed to be robust, liable, and long-term available for industrial Smart Factory applications. 

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For the development of smart factories

From advanced AI solutions, industrial routers, DIN rail power supplies, processors, switches to IoT sensors, we offer the right technologies to automate and optimize your manufacturing facilities. Find out more about our recommendations for efficient and future-proof factory automation.

We would be pleased to advise you on the selection and integration of the right technologies! Inquiries here.
Managed Hardened Gigabit Ethernet POE+ Switch

Managed Hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Switch

from Lantronix

The Lantronix SISPM1040-362-LRT is a managed PoE+ switch suitable for connecting and powering devices in hardened environments. The switch can supply up to 30 Watts per port on all (4) PoE ports simultaneously and includes the embedded Device Management System (DMS) software providing the advanced tools required for the comprehensive management of all IP addressable devices.

G526GP12S IoT-Mobilfunk-Gateway by the Manufacturer Lantronix

Industrial Gateway LTE CAT 4 Router

from Lantronix

The G526GP12S is a next-generation IoT cellular gateway for Industry 4.0, security, and transportation applications. As a product of Lantronix’ G520 series, it offers LTE Cat 4 and 5G cellular gateways to protect long-term IoT application investments, especially industrial applications with built-in security to prevent cyber-attacks and protect mission-critical applications. The G526GP12S is pre-enabled with easy-to-use ConsoleFlow™ device management and cellular connectivity.

5G RedCap module w/ fall back LTE Cat4 by the Manufacturer Quectel

M.2 5G RedCap Module W/ Fall Back LTE Cat4

from Quectel

RM255 is the new Qualcomm-based 5G RedCap module designed for the global market and a variety of applications such as smart energy, smart cities, and industrial automation. With the 3GPP Release 17 RedCap technology, it supports 5G Standalone (SA) modes and is backward-compatible with 4G networks. It offers a peak data rate of 150Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink, with support for advanced 5G features like URLLC and power-saving.

QCS8550-Processor by the Manufacturer Qualcomm


von Qualcomm

The latest Qualcomm QCS8550 processor provides reliable computing power, maximum artificial intelligence (AI) edge processing, Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, impressive graphics, and video for performance-intensive IoT applications such as autonomous mobile robots, warehouse drones, cameras, edge AI boxes, and more. 

Turbo X EB5G2 Edge AI Station by Qualcomm Thundercomm

TurboX EB5G2 Edge AI Station

von Thundercomm

TurboX EB5G2 Edge AI Station is a high-performance AI edge computing device powered by Qualcomm’s latest QCS8550 processor. It is designed with 4 nm process and integrated with Android and Linux and the embedded built-in edge software edgeOS, provides for device management, video management, AI algorithm configuration, and many more. EB5G2 delivers superior 48 TOPS of AI performance and up to 24 channels of full HD video processing, which can be widely used in smart buildings, smart transportation and smart factories, as well as many other edge AI application scenarios.

Bel Power Solutions

BEL Power Solutions

DIN-Rail Power Supply

BEL's innovative power supply components and units are DIN rail power supplies designed for demanding applications from instrumentation to process control. They can be equipped with single or dual output DIN rail mounting options as well as converter and battery charging configurations. 

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