Charging stations for electric vehicles
Latest technologies and reference designs
With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles in Europe, the need for charging stations for automotive infrastructure is also growing significantly - and so is the demand. Take advantage of this opportunity and develop charging stations for electric vehicles with the help of our portfolio of the latest technologies from our partners, diverse integration options and the complete reference designs!

Charging stations for electric vehicles

Latest products and reference designs for charging station electronics and connectivity

The steadily increasing popularity of electromobility in Europe creates a continuous growth in the demand and need for charging stations in automotive infrastructure. In 2022, there were approximately 535,700 public charging stations installed across Europe, and with an expected annual growth rate of 33%, it is estimated that there will be more than 2.9 million charging stations in 2030. But this estimation still excludes charging stations on private property, so the potential for developing and producing charging stations for electric vehicles is considerably even larger.

Develop innovative e-charging stations with the latest technologies

To help you enter the market for charging stations or enhance your market position, we offer you a short-time, low-risk, and cost-efficient development by re-using building blocks and our complete reference design of integration options.

Integration Options

From component procurement to partial and complete customized solutions

Together with our long-term partners, Atlantik Elektronik can help You with all parts of developing and producing charging stations ranging from component distribution to semi- and full custom solutions for charging station electronics. We provide solutions for control and connectivity applications in charging stations as well as power components.

To facilitate a convenient development for your charging station project, we provide you with the option to choose parts or a full copy of our comprehensive reference designs for both EVSE Standalone (single charging stations) as well as EVST depots (multiple charging stations using a single hub for internet / remote access). 

Highly integrated leading Qualcomm technology provides tested BT, NFC, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity in a cost-effective way, and in combination with our portfolio of outdoor HMI and robust, sunlight-readable display solutions, AKM’s current sensors as well as high-voltage fuses for hazardous applications, we can individually adapt the charging stations to your individual requirements. 

Our solution is now available as a download!

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Recommended products

Especially for the development of innovative charging stations

TurboX™ CM2290 Development Kit

Manufacturer: Thundercomm

The TurboX™ CM2290 Development Kit is based on the pin2pin compatible SOMs C2290/CM2290. It provides multiple interfaces such as HDMI In/Out, Ethernet, USB Type-C, and expansion connectors which can help customers validate the function and build the prototype quickly.

  • Consists of Main IO Board, Interposer Board, and Sensor Board
  • Camera with FPC (OV13B10)
  • LTE signal receiving antenna (x2)
  • Wi-Fi/BT antenna
  • GPS antenna


Manufacturer: Qualcomm

Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS2290 is a robust entry-level processor that delivers reliable performance and power savings with advanced features and memory support for low power consumption.

  • Cortex-A53 CPU architecture
  • Flexible connectivity solutions (i.e. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.) 
  • improved GPS
  • advanced camera features

TurboX™ EB2 Edge AI Box

Manufacturer: Thundercomm

Thundercomm's EB2 Edge AI Box is a cost-effective edge computing device with 1.7 TOPS AI performance, 6 channels FHD video decoding.

  • Multiple interfaces, support Gbits Ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Fanless design, supports indoor and outdoor use
  • Support for Linux or Android operating systems
  • End-to-end security mechanism to ensure device security
  • Device edge cloud synergy

C375x 100A Open-Loop Current Sensor

Manufacturer: Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM)

The new CZ375x current sensor series by AKM (Asahi Kasei Microdevices) arrives in the identical housing as the CZ370x series and provides innovative features including a possible continuous current load of 100 Arms and a measuring range of up to ± 225A. 

  • Low primary conductor resistance of 0.27 mΩ 
  • Special SMD package design
  • Creepage distance of ≧8 mm
  • Operating voltage of 550Vrms
  • Response time 0.5µs with an accuracy of ± 0.4% over the entire measurement range

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