HMI - Human Machine Interface
Solutions for industrial and medical applications
Utilize Atlantik Elektronik's advanced Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions and tablets, tailored for demanding industrial and medical environments such as hospitals and factories, to streamline operations, simplify collaboration, and elevate operational reliability and workforce efficiency. Innovative products, technologies, and solutions by Atlantik Elektronik feature intuitive user interfaces and high-performance IoT to ensure safe and efficient operations.

HMI solutions for industry and medicine


Contemporary, dynamic, and often also challenging work environments such as hospitals, factories, warehouses, or large office buildings require optimization to support an efficient workforce. With technological innovation, especially in the field of integrated Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, seamless interaction and intelligent control of complex systems, processes, and machines can be enabled. The intuitive user interfaces help with safer, faster, and task completion in various areas of work. High-performance IoT allows for impressive efficiency, even in more demanding use cases such as industrial or medical applications. With the help of innovative AI, custom HMI solutions can be developed to elevate performance through continuous improvement while anticipating individual requirements and needs at any time.

Application areas Industrial tablets | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

Atlantik Elektronik offers a curated selection of innovative HMI products and individual solutions to streamline operations, simplify collaboration, and enhance operational reliability and safety in even the most demanding settings and various use cases. 

HMI Application options

HMI solutions range from Smart Access Systems, utilizing advanced access control mechanisms such as RFID, fingerprint scanners, or facial recognition technology to secure seamless entry into buildings and facilities, over indoor meeting room occupancy devices to facilitate space management by providing valuable real-time data on room occupancy as well as speaker tracking and other business relevant information, to other smart solutions and tablet technologies.
Especially robust, ruggedized tablets for industrial and medical environments ensure reliable data access and control for operational efficiency and safety, even in challenging surroundings. 

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Utilizing various forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Atlantik Elektronik solutions for HMI and industrial/medical tablets can be customized to address specific requirements of businesses and elevate user experiences in industrial, infrastructural, and private environments. The comprehensive products, solutions, and services along the entire value chain offer benefits in various application areas and can be designed as a customized HMI ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure.

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HMI products and ODM options

For the development of human machine interface applications


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RFID, ToF, fingerprint sensors, facial recognition | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

Smart Access Door Entry System

ODM option

The Smart Access Door Entry System can be individually designed to feature advanced security access methods, incl. RFID, ToF, fingerprint sensors, and facial recognition. The mid- to large-size touch display for user control, automatic wake-up sensors, optional high-resolution camera technologies for visual verification, advanced software, and connectivity options such as WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, and 5G allow for reliable remote access and management capabilities. 

Smart Access Door Entry Pad | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

Smart Access Door Entry Pad

ODM Option

The Smart Access Door Entry Pad (AI) provides secure, keyless entry through multiple access options, including RFID, fingerprint, and facial recognition. It features remote access and management capabilities, automatic wake-up, and an optional high-resolution camera for visual verification. This system supports WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, and 5G connectivity, powered by a Quectel Module SC668S CPU, ensuring reliable performance and seamless integration.

FHD display with IPS technology | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

13.3” Industrial Tablet

ODM Option

The Atlantik Elektronik 13.3” industrial tablet is equipped with a high-resolution FHD display, featuring IPS technology for wide viewing angles and a 10-point multitouch PCAP touch interface. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions and has an IP65 protection rating and resilience against shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. The tablet includes a 5MP autofocus camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and Micro HDMI in/out for comprehensive connectivity. It supports both Android and Windows operating systems and offers multiple storage options, making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications.

Patient Monitoring Tablet ODM-Option | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

Patient Monitoring Tablet

ODM Option

The Atlantik Elektronik Medical Tablet provides remote access to patient data, enhancing workflow management for an increasing patient load. It enables clinical personnel to care for patients both within the medical center and remotely. The tablet operates through Wi-Fi or wired IoT gateways and can be easily integrated into existing clinical environments and workflows. With options for camera integration and 3D recognition, it supports real-time data monitoring and 24/7 operations for comprehensive patient care.

Produkt for Meeting Room Occupancy AI System  | © Atlatlantik Elektronik GmbH

Meeting Room Occupancy AI System

ODM Option

The Atlantik Elektronik Meeting Room Occupancy AI System employs Time of Flight (TOF) 3D depth cameras and the CPU Quectel Module SC668S to detect occupants and analyze their behavior in real-time. The system offers customizable AI algorithms for speaker tracking and identification, providing valuable insights to enhance productivity and space allocation in business meetings. With seamless integration options including USB-C, Ethernet, and wireless connectivity, the meeting room occupancy AI System improves operational efficiency significantly.

TurboX C6490 Development Kit by the Manufacturer Thundercomm

TurboX C6490 Development Kit

For the development of HMI applications

The TurboX C6490P development kit, based on the C6490P smart module, integrates the high-performance Qualcomm® 6nm QCS6490 SoC with 12.5 TOPS computing power. It supports 4K@60FPS decode and 4K@30FPS encode, offering multiple interfaces including Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and MIPI and GMSL camera connectors for diverse application scenarios. Ideal for IoT products with high AI performance requirements, it serves industrial handheld devices, tablets, service and industrial robots, and edge computing. Additionally, the C6490P SOM is pin-to-pin compatible with the TurboX C8550 SOM, streamlining prototype development and reducing secondary development costs.

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