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Solutions for Mobile Robotics
This includes an extensive set of hardware, software and development tools as well as the capability to combine selected parts and create a complete solution. Our expertise in embedded system designs, 5G and AI help developers and manufacturers to create the next generation of high-compute, low-power robots and drones for the consumer, enterprise, defense, industrial and professional service secto...
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Solutions for Wearables
We create wearable solutions together with you!   Developing wearables presents us with important challenges in terms of size and functionality, robust design and sensor technology. This is where Atlantik Elektronik comes in. Our components are already part of many wearables. Thanks to the constant expansion of our product range to include the latest technologies, you are sure to find the co...
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Solutions for Tracking
To create specific tracking solutions for you, we have an extensive set of hardware, software and development tools at our disposal.  Furthermore, it is possible to combine selected components to create a complete solution.
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Solutions for Industrial Tablets and PCs
Robust industrial tablets and PCs are in demand in the process control of modern industrial plants. Atlantik Elektronik supports you with components and solutions tailored exactly to the area of application. Through a growing partner network and the continuous acquisition of new technologies, we are able to deliver customized solutions e.g. for machine automation, production, Industry 4.0 etc.
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Solutions for Routers and Gateways
As a provider of innovative solutions for all available wireless technologies, Atlantik Elektronik is your competent contact for the new mobile routers from Cradlepoint. These are ideal for demanding transport and mobile environments as well as for IoT, M2M and industrial networks.
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Solutions for Logistics
Climate change, Brexit, etc. To be able to operate sustainably, we support developers and manufacturers in developing the next generation of smart logistics devices such as smart containers, shared express boxes, asset trackers and volume measurement systems, as well as logistics mobile devices such as barcode scanners and readers and fleet management systems. We will present the latest approaches...
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Solutions for outdoor and wet environment
Our expertise in display & touch design, wireless systems, and semi/complete systems helps developers and manufacturers create innovative products in this application market.
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Solutions for POS Systems
Our expertise in display & touch design, wireless systems, and semi/complete systems helps developers and manufacturers create innovative products in this application market.
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Solutions for Digital Signage
Systems for digital signage are diverse and range from advertising displays to digital wayfinding systems and digital info boards. They are the medium of the future. As a solution provider, Atlantik Elektronik supplies you with the complete range of solutions for digital signage. We offer a comprehensive set of SoCs, SoMs and a huge selection of displays (standard and custom) and HMI solutions for...
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Extended Reality XR Solutions
The interaction of humans and technology is radically evolving. The way we interact with technology today is not too far from what was predicted by futuristic sci-fi pop culture. We live in a world where sophisticated touch- and gesture-based interactions work together with wearables, sensors, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). As a solution provider, Atlantik Ele...
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Gaming Solutions
Innovative, creative and equipped with a top design - these are the main characteristics of the gaming systems from Atlantik Elektronik, which are predestined to permanently increase your entrepreneurial success. Through its own innovative strength, coupled with many years of experience in the development and implementation of successful gaming products, Atlantik Elektronik is constantly setting n...
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Access control systems
Our expertise in embedded system designs help developers and manufacturers to create the next generation of smart door entry systems from conventional time recording systems, home- and building automation control right up to complex smart access door entry systems for IN- and Outdoor environments. Atlantik Elektronik offers an extensive set of SoCs, SoMs, a huge range of displays (standard & ...
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5G Campus Networks
Our expertise in 5G campus networks helps prepare companies for the innovations of the future. New business models, greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction: With a lot of creativity, we support companies in driving the automation of their processes through the Internet of Things (IoT). With the Atlantik Elektronik 5G Campus Network Solutions, we enable our customers to participate in all ...
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Solutions for Handheld Computer
Our products are best known in terms of the combination of high performance and strength. Our products are characterized by excellent robustness and the ability to meet the most demanding environments and industrial applications. Together with our partners, we offer complete solutions and help you increase your productivity and efficiency.
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Solutions for E-Car Infrastructure
Maximum driving pleasure, sophisticated charging infrastructure and pioneering connectivity - electromobility will become the norm. Our contribution is not just products, but complete solutions for electromobility that combine many years of know-how, innovative software and high-performance products. We will work with you to develop competitive advantage you need. We make eMobility a reality – tod...
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Solutions for Intelligent Vision
Vision and video applications are becoming pervasive in mobile and embedded systems. The application of intelligent vision techniques is an evolving aspect. Intelligent vision is a relatively new technology  that has much to offer the manufacturing industry in terms of improving efficiency, safety and product quality. 
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