Atlantik offers a range of sensor components and solutions.

Our Sensors Portfolio

Sensors form the basis with which modern machines and devices record the environment as well as various processes and procedures.

The selection criteria for choosing sensors are therefore diverse. The sensors available from Atlantik Elektronik are used in industrial applications, automation technology and automotive solutions.

We can support you from selecting a suitable sensor and connecting to other components, to creating a complete solution using a sensor module with microcontroller and software.

Sensors Overview

Components and Solutions

Co2 Sensors, Air Quality & Gas Sensors
Chipset or complete module. We help in the selection of components with suitable ICs or modules for recording the air quality and detecting gases in the air.
Co2 Sensors, Air Quality and Gas Sensing
Magnetic Sensors
Sensors consist of Hall elements, Hall IC, SMRE, 3-axis sensors and angle sensors for angle and rotation-speed measurement, encoder and position detection.
Magnetic Sensor
Current Sensors
Coreless current sensors in SMD packages offer excellent features and achieve a clearance and creepage distance ≧ 8.0mm.
Current Sensors

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