Interaktiv and smart Shelf displays
Touch Shelf with in-Cell-Touch Control
LG's 23.1 Interactive Smart Shelf Display is the world's first touch shelf controlled by in-cell touch, allowing retailers to create a new shopping experience and achieve increased ROI based on Big Data optimized marketing and advertising strategies.

Smart Shelf Display Solution by LG

"Real smart shelf is here! Impress your costumers with the world's first 23.1" Interactive shelf display operated by In-Cell-Touch! 

With LG's all-in-one 23.1-inch interactive smart shelf display, Atlantik offers one of the most advanced and powerful shelf display solutions for the retail market. Create powerful, innovative, stylish devices and experiences using our comprehensive portfolio of retail solutions and revolutionize your business!

The 23.1-inch IPS display enables a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a brightness of 700cd/m² and delivers enhanced viewing from all angles thanks to its anti-reflection coating. The display also features advanced in-cell touch technology (AIT) for smooth touch control and offers a wide range of connectivity options, including WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, and Micro HDMI making the display compatible with all personal and office devices.

















Designed in a slim and light format, the display comes in optimized shelf dimensions of 593.8 (H) x 63.4 (V) x 19.6mm (D). It is fully compatible with Android and Linux platforms and supports various video codecs such as MPEG-2, Google VP8, H.263, and Motion JPEG. With ample storage options, this all-in-one display is an ideal choice for digital and retail solutions. Providing adequate storage with various selectable options, LG's all-in-one interactive smart shelf display will be the ideal choice for digital and retail solutions.

It enables a new shopping experience that enhances customer ROI by utilizing big data gathering for improved marketing and promotional strategies. Get a powerful and innovative complete solution with LG's all-in-one interactive smart shelf display and its Android platform, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, and Micro HDMI to step into a whole new ecosystem of big data, marketing, and strategy partners today!

Structure of Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT)

Advantages of AIT - Thinner! Slimmer! Faster!

  • Advanced Touch Performance

AIT provides better touch performance, the thinner panel ensures outstanding response rate when the screen is touched by fingers.

  • Narrow Bezel & Slim design

With the touch sensor embedded inside of the LCD cell, AIT makes a thinner and slimmer design possible compared to the existing add-on technology which requires the attachment of an additional touch sensor on top of the cell. A slim bezel design is possible because AIT does not require space for touch wires that send touch signals.

  • Great (Outdoor) Visibility

AIT technology provides clearer images on the screen with the touch layer being embedded inside the panel, which is not visible even outdoors. Since the touch layer is completely embedded, there is no deterioration in outdoor visibility that occurs from sunlight reflection – helping in retail indoor environments, too.

  • Improved Durabil

Since the touch sensor is embedded under the C/F Glass, users will not experience inconvenience. The touch sensor works without any problem even when the glass is damaged(!))

  • Remote maintenance services (optional)

FOTA = Firmware over the Air (updates)
MDM = Mobile Device Management (App/ Policy Management)

Integration Options

Atlantik helps to create powerful, innovative, stylish devices and experiences using our comprehensive portfolio of retail solutions.  Since customer requirements can be very individual and range from a standard component supply to outsourced planning, realization, and production of an ODM product, we as a partner of leading global technology companies support our customers in combining and integrating their products to realize the best possible solutions based on individual specifications. We divide the value chain into three integration levels, first, "components and modules", which is equivalent to standard distribution, secondly "customer-specific partial solutions" and third complete "ODM products and solutions".

You can also find more information in our flyer!

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Information about the shelf display from LG

LG Smart Shelf Display

  • -Size: 23.1"/ Outer dimensions: 593.8 (H) x 63.4 (V) x 19.6 mm(D); (29”, 35” available – covering 30/60/120 cm shelf width)
  • Resolution: 1980 x 158 / Brightness: 700cd/m²
  • Technology: IPS (all viewing angles) and in-cell touch (P-Cap in-cell touch)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, micro HDMI input/output
  • Betriebssystem: Android, Linux-PlattformOperating system: Android, Linux platform

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