08. May 2024 | Planegg

With the new RB3 Gen 2 platform, Qualcomm and Thundercomm provide a comprehensive hardware and software solution designed for IoT and embedded applications. With its Qualcomm® QCS6490 processor, RB3 Gen 2 allows for central upgrades to on-device AI enablement, high-performing low-power processing, and connectivity options for the latest IoT products and applications.

By supporting quadruple 8MP+ camera sensors, computer vision, and integrated Wi-Fi 6E,  RB3 Gen 2 can be used in a wide range of products, for example in a variety of robotics and drones, as well as other industrial applications such as handheld devices, cameras, AI edge boxes, intelligent displays, and more.

RB3 Gen 2 supports the new comprehensive Qualcomm Linux package of OS, software, tools, documentation, and unified Linux distribution for Qualcomm Technologies' IoT platforms. The Qualcomm Linux software stack sustains all processor cores, subsystems, and components within the platform and enables a more consistent and superior developer experience as well as the utilization of open-source expertise and faster product commercialization.

Hot Products

The RB3 Gen2 Development Kit is the latest IoT development kit powered by the Qualcomm QCS6490 Chipset. As a major upgrade to its predecessor, RB3 Gen2 is designed for unprecedented high-performance computing, accessibility, and advanced features.

It follows the design of the rest of the RB-series by Qualcomm/Thundercomm. More information about the new RB3 Gen2 Development Kit and the RB-series can be found in our webshop.