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22. September 2020 | Planegg

Codelab is a company full of young technology enthusiasts, but with a long history of customer relationships and large successful projects.

Codelab has nearshore development centers in Szczecin and Wroclaw (Codelab Sp. z o.o); also sales, consulting and project management offices in Berlin, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf (Codelab Software GmbH). The company belongs to the Beta Systems Software AG Group, a German software company based in Berlin.

In numerous software and product development projects, Codelab has gained expertise that enables the software specialist to support customers in the development and operation of products, platforms and applications. For many years, Codelab has been working for German and international customers, for example in the automotive and aviation industries. As a result, the company has the certifications and experience to develop, provide, maintain and operate high-quality, carefully tested and well-documented software - on time and on budget and at comparatively low cost. 

For Mobile Robotics products, Codelab develops and maintains hardware-optimized firmware based on RTOS and Linux, performance- and latency-optimized device drivers and complete BSPs.

As a connectivity expert, Codelab uses the latest technologies such as 5G, BLE5 and LoRaWAN. We provide connectivity for remote SW upgrades (OTA), sensor data transfer, telematics services, remote device management and for voice and audio transmission. Codelab teams have extensive expertise in software development for high-security applications (including encryption) in the avionics, automotive and healthcare industries.

Codelab guides through the entire process to make products smart through ML/AI: Selection of suitable ML algorithms, implementation of a data strategy and implementation of the ML algorithm for your product. The company uses the AI capabilities of modern chips to process image and sensor data for the development of autonomous systems and mobile robotics. Vision Intelligence/Robotics- & Computer Vision is a main focus of the work.

Codelab also develops user-friendly mobile and web apps as well as high-quality optical, haptic, speech-based or gesture-controlled user interfaces (HMIs) for robot control. 

Codelab designs data and system architectures that provide a stable and scalable foundation for running your front- and back-end applications. Depending on the customer's needs, we use on-premise, cloud (private, azure, AWS, ...), container or serverless solutions.

A combination of techniques ensures the proverbial Codelab quality, from static code analysis, pair programming and code reviews to automated unit, integration, end-to-end, performance and usability testing. For over ten years, Codelab has been working according to the Automotive SPICE Level 3 standard, a domain-specific variant of ISO/IEC 15504, which ensures the quality of our development processes. Other standards include TISAX/ISO 27001, ASIL/ISO 26262 and ISO 9001. Codelab has dedicated consulting teams for certification, quality assurance and testing.

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