17. December 2019 | Planegg

Time of Flight camera is nominated


The editorial staff of the magazine Elektronik calls for the 22nd reader choice "Products of the Year 2020". Vote and choose the Time of Flight camera of our manufacturer Meerecompany in the category Industrial and IoT - from a total of 101 top products in eight categories. We trust in your competence and expertise! As a reward, WEKA Verlag is raffle three attractive prizes to all participants.

The 3D camera system from Meerecompany presents the 3D camera system Cube Eye. It is suitable for gesture recognition, control, positioning and recording of human, robot and machine vision, as well as for Obstacle detection and measurement and 3D movement tracking (e.g. for golf swing or running stride).

Cube Eye utilizes Time of Flight (ToF) technology, where the time of flight of pulsed light is measured to generate a highly accurate distance value for 77,000 points in real time. This data builds a 3D image-stream of unrivaled accuracy, which can potentially be used in any system where objects need to be identified and movements tracked in 3D.

A further key advantage for Cube Eye is the simplicity of integration into host systems. The camera system is a fully developed solution equipped with a standard USB interface, requiring minimal hardware engineering during the design-in process. A software development kit is also available to aide software development.

Cube Eye solutions are available covering distances from 20cm up to 6m. Longer distances are under development and are expected in the near future.