09. December 2020 | Planegg

The ATXX-DY-2011145 MIMO antenna range has been designed to support the next generation of vehicular LTE routers with 4x4 MIMO. The antenna enclosure can provide up to nine antenna elements. Customization of cabling and antennas model is subject for further discussion.


All versions are carrying 4 ultra-wideband elements for 698-3800MHz which supports MIMO function for 4G/5G cellular bands. Version with GNSS antenna which has a 26dB gain LNA with high performance filtering for reliable operation is also available upon request. Variants are also available which include 2, 3 or 4 dual band 2.4/4.9-6GHz Wi-Fi elements for MIMO function.

Although the LTE elements are designed for 4x4 MIMO operation, you may utilize these as 2 pairs of 2x2 MIMO for a router that offers 2 radio modem in a failover configuration (i.e. only one SIM active). As this configuration is using only 2 out of the 4 antennas for a single SIM, the network coverage should be checked to ensure that this use is suitable.


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