AKM 100A OPEN-LOOP current sensor CZ375x

12. July 2023 | Planegg

The new CZ375x current sensor series by AKM (Asahi Kasei Microdevices) arrives in the identical housing as the CZ370x series and provides innovative features including a possible continuous current load of 100 Arms and a measuring range of up to ± 225A. 

Features enabling these improvements include a low primary conductor resistance of 0.27 mΩ and a special SMD housing design. The SMD housing design also enables a creepage distance of ≧8mm. The operating voltage is 550Vrms. Due to the Hall elements of compound semiconductors used, the response time is only 0.5µs with an accuracy over full scale of ± 0.4%.

The new current sensors are suitable alternatives to shunt with optocoupler applications in power electronics, for example inverters, servo motors, or photovoltaic applications.

We are available to support you in the development of your individual applications with samples and simple test PCBs.


The AKM Current Sensor Series CZ375X:

Here you can download the product datasheets for the AKM CZ375X series (PDF):


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