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3D camera system Cube Eye

04. March 2021 | Planegg

Meerecompany presents the 3D camera system Cube Eye. It is suitable for gesture recognition, control, positioning and recording of human, robot and machine vision, as well as for obstacle detection and measurement and 3D movement tracking (e.g. for golf swing or running stride).

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Cube Eye utilizes Time of Flight (ToF) technology, where the time of flight of pulsed light is measured to generate a highly accurate distance value in real time. This data builds a 3D image-stream of unrivaled accuracy, which can potentially be used in any system where objects need to be identified and movements tracked in 3D.

Within ware house automation environment, 3D depth recognition can used to help automate inventory management via autonomous drone system applications. It can improve warehouse operations efficiently by collecting information effectively at the same time.

Organizing and optimizing the load of boxes to a truck is always an important factor for logistic companies.  An accurate volume measurement is the key to save company resources and reduce cost within the supply chain.

S.CUBE Time of Flight (ToF) sensor is a high accurate model required to automatically measure the volume of boxes on any supply chain conveyors in logistic centers.

A further key advantage for Cube Eye is the simplicity of integration into host systems. The camera system is a fully developed solution equipped with either MIPI- or standard USB interface, requiring minimal hardware engineering during the design-in process. A software development kit is also available to ease software development without licensing cost involved.

Cube Eye solutions are available covering various distances from 20cm up to 6m.

The 3D-Camera-system Development Kit available in our WEBSHOP.


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