Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions

Atlantik Elektronik provides smart city solutions ranging from public safety and traffic management to intelligent lighting, environment sensors, water treatment, digital signage and smart retail applications.

With our proven expertise in commercially deployed solutions, Atlantik Elektronik provides hardware and software, cloud solutions, system integration, and design and manufacturing services to offer end-to-end smart city solutions. Our mobile connectivity and edge computing products are enabling a new era of possibilities for smart city solutions and services.


Key technologies


Example applications

  • Smart retail/self-checkout
  • Cellular IoT tracker solution
  • NB-IoT smart mailbox solution
  • Street lighting
  • Traffic lights
  • Sharing economy
  • Smart elevator
  • Smart parking
  • Parking meter
  • Toll collection system
  • Digital signage
  • Advertisement displays
  • Trash bin remote monitoring
  • Outdoor LED lighting


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