21. February 2020 | Planegg

5G Haus Atlantik Elektronik – we already do it!

Hot Product

Also this year, Atlantik Elektronik, supplier of future-oriented embedded solutions, will be exhibiting at the embedded world in Nuremberg from February 25th to February 27th, 2020.

At our booth 141 in hall 3 we will demonstrate how you can realize your innovative ideas by using Atlantik’s solutions. Atlantik Elektronik comes up with a virtual dazzling array of latest semiconductor products and solutions as well as embedded development trends that will help customers to launch their products with minimum effort. This is made possible by a comprehensive portfolio that covers all aspects that are necessary for the integration of software, systems and processes not just now but also throughout the entire life cycle of applications and systems.

5G Haus Atlantik Elektronik – we already do it!

Atlantik Elektronik presents itself as an end-to-end 5G solution provider: from sensors to the cloud and back. Atlantik 5G Qualcomm Snapdragon-based technologies provide solutions that meet the three main requirements of the latest mobile communications generation. Enhanced Mobile Broad Band (eMBB), Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) and Ultra-Reliable Low Latancy Communication (uRLLC).

In addition, Atlantik Elektronik presents the first own product in the 5G area, a RaspberryPi Shield with M.2-capable slot compatible with LTE-Advanced and 5G modules announced by several manufacturers.

Embedded Processing Solutions

In addition, Atlantik Elektronik will be showing a wide range of embedded processor solutions in various levels of integration. The solutions comprise a wide portfolio of performance classes, from microcontrollers and low-power processors to powerful octa-core products for visual and edge computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

These processors can be used in different integration levels such as System on Chip, System on Module or as a complete single board computer.

HMI Solutions

Atlantik Elektronik will also showing the latest HMI solutions. HMIs from Atlantik Elektronik include both standard and customized display solutions, which are combined with corresponding embedded products to form a complete solution. The latest standard solutions are based on Qualcomm Snapdragon and Rockchip processors with the latest Android and Linux operating systems. These include all common wired interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, UART, RS485, audio and camera as well as Wi-Fi and BT with LTE option. Different display sizes can be selected, e.g. from 4.3" to 10.1".

Atlantik Elektronik HMI solutions can be customized. On the processor side, Atlantik offers options based on all Qualcomm Snapdragon series, NXP i.MX, STM32MP1, Intel, Allwinner, Rockchip processors and selected microcontrollers. Besides the wired and cellular interfaces, the corresponding displays can also be freely selected. The latter also with regard to size, resolution, brightness, touch performance and special coatings and degrees of hardness.

Solutions for artificial intelligence, extended reality and machine vision

Another Atlantik trade fair highlight is the presentation of a large number of solutions for artificial intelligence, extended reality and machine vision.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Mobile platforms, processors, modems and chipsets are as smart as they are powerful, with new architectures for artificial intelligence (AI) and immersion.

Our premium Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ platforms feature extensive heterogeneous computing capabilities designed to enable the operation of trained neural networks on devices not connected to the cloud. They include new camera and graphics architectures designed to enable the latest eXtended Reality (XR) experiences.

One of the largest challenges in the development of AI applications is the integration of sensors that can sufficiently emulate the human senses. The 3D ToF camera Cube Eye, available from Atlantik Elektronik, provides a 3D image stream that can be used in robotics and other AI systems to make precise visual assessments of the environment and take on the role of the human eye. This technology can be used to accurately measure the size and volume of objects and their relative position in real-time. The main advantage of the Cube Eye solution is that sensor, optics and electronics are available as a complete package. The interface via USB means that minimal hardware integration is required. Application software development is supported by SDKs and APIs available for both Windows and Linux environments, with Android to be available soon. Cube Eye is the perfect 3D vision solution for Snapdragon AI development.

Wireless Chipsets and Modules

Atlantik Elektronik offers the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chipsets and modules.

The Atlantik Elektronik product mix includes wireless embedded chipsets and modules and offers a comprehensive range of solutions for a variety of applications in the growing communications market. With high quality, diversified products, proven manufacturing capabilities and professional, customer-oriented services, Atlantik Elektronik is a reliable partner that helps you to easily provide powerful, stable and secure wireless connections.

The portfolio includes products for both general and special applications such as industry or image and sound transmission.

Atlantik Elektronik is able to offer customers complete solutions on the basis of these products and to assist them in finding and developing them.

Visit us from February 25th to February 27th during the embedded world 2020 in hall 3, booth No. 141 and be convinced by our offerings.